The Start of a 33 month rebuild.

Start. This is what it looked like when I got it with its sorry looking paint job.

Started to dissemble complete body. Will strip it down to every single piece. Going to replace every bold and nut. All new wiring, fuel lines, brake lines, gauges, Front windshields, weather striping and repaint.

Here is the M-37 Next to the 1973 GMC 3/4 ton Chassis. After analyzing the pros and cons I decided to use the GMC chassis because of several things. First and for most gear ratio for highway driving 5.38's or 4.10's. Then Power brakes, Power steering, supply and cost of supply of replacement parts. Also getting different wheels (Larger) for larger tires seemed like a big problem. So I used the GMC Chassis. But did not alter the body in any way. Every panel on it is original and not altered.

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